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No two websites are alike and each business will have different marketing goals. Because of this it is impossible to offer exact estimates for our services without talking to you and understanding your business' needs first. However, we do realize it is important to get a rough-quote of the cost of our services so we have created this page to outline our pricing.

¹ Unlimited free updates is free of charge for the first 12 months and do not include custom coding, new page creation, or construction/editing of graphic elements such as icons, photos, or images. If you wish to continue using our unlimited updates service after 12 months, fees will apply.

² Cancellations require at least 15 days notice before next billing. If cancelation is made less than 15 days before next billing, you will be billed one additional time for 50% of the work.

³ Hourly fees are billed in 15 minute intervals.

⁴ Custom graphics are included in the cost of all packages. You will only be charged for custom graphics if you require a graphic to be edited/created after your website project has been completed.

⁵ An event website is a one page site specifically for a one-time event such as a wedding, convention, reunion, etc. Event websites include free hosting for 12 months.

⁶ Free hosting for 12 months on our private server is included in Website Only, Website + Essential SEO, Competitive SEO, and Event website packages. After 12 months you will be billed hosting fees if you wish to continue using our hosting server.

How Prime Jump Does Business

Initial Contact Prime Jump will contact each business that is interested in using our services via phone or email to setup a no-pressure meeting where we can learn about your business plans and discuss your company goals. Before the meeting Prime Jump will research your target market to develop a rough outline/strategy which we feel would most benefit your business online.

One-on-One Meeting Prime Jump will meet with you at your work place or anywhere else it is convenient for you to meet. During this meeting we will discuss your business' goals and will share our outline of what we feel would benefit your business the most online. If you are interested, we will work with you to modify the strategy for your business until you are satisfied.

Payment When you are satisfied with the marketing plan, we will give you an immediate quote for the services Prime Jump will provide your company. If you agree to the quote, Prime Jump and your company will enter a contract agreement which outlines the services we will provide. Then Prime Jump will collect payment for the services.

Collect Information Prime Jump will then ask you various questions regarding your business' specific preferences (design elements, target audience, top competitors, etc.) relevant to the services you've purchased. These notes are sent to our web development team real-time so the work on your project can begin immediately after payment.

Building and Completion Throughout the development project, you will be alerted via email or phone to approve/disapprove design elements and will receive updates regarding the projects status. This will continue until the project is completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do You Use Contracts?
Our contracts allow us to provide your business with a record of the agreed services we will provide as well as the costs of those services. Our contracts are not time-based and you can cancel our services at any time.

What Is Your Refund Policy?
Website Design - If you are unsatisfied with our website design or programming services you may request a full refund before project completion. All projects are required to be approved by the customer before they are marked as completed, so we cannot issue refunds on completed projects where the customer claims they are satisfied with the work. If you are unsatisfied with our hosting, we will help you transfer your website to a new server that you have purchased. Since hosting is free for the first 12 months on all of our plans, there can be no refund for free hosting services. If you are paying us for hosting services, we will refund you for the remaining months you didn't use our servers.

SEO Services - All SEO services (besides Essential SEO) are billed on a month to month basis. Due to the volatile nature of search engine ranking algorithms and placement differences between machines and different geographic locations, it is impossible and against search engine webmaster guidelines to guarantee a ranking placement and it is for these same reasons that we cannot issue refunds on previous SEO work. Since our SEO services are charged on a month to month basis, you can cancel our services within 15 days of the next bill date if you are unsatisfied with our work and do not want to be billed for our services. However, most SEO campaigns take several months before results are visible, so we recommend waiting at least 6 months before requesting cancelation.

Where Is My Website Hosted?
The majority of our websites are hosted on our private server located in Washington D.C. The historical uptime for our host is 99.9996%. In case there is a network outage, all data on our servers is backed up daily.

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